In 2012 something called “Gotland’s Rainbow Weekend” was arranged. It was a success! Annamaria Bauer, one of the initiators, comments on it like this: “We were a bit uncertain what kind of response we would get and what consequences might arise. But the result was above expectations. Organizations and individuals supported us spontaneously and the reception among the Gotlanders was very positive.”

The following year the number of organizers and events multiplied, the weekend became a few days longer, and was called Gotland Pride.


On Gotland Pride

Gotland Pride is a network of interacting parties within associations, enterprises, and authorities on Gotland that wish to emphasize lgbtqia+ issues. The convener of the network is RFSL Gotland which also coordinates the program and the work to be done.


Gotland Pride started as Gotland’s Rainbow Weekend in 2012 and has since then grown concerning both participating organizers and the number of activities.


Gotland Pride emphasizes the fact that all colors and expressions of the rainbow exist and are needed in our society. Gotland Pride wants, together with other groups, to contribute to a more open and a more diverse Gotland for everyone.